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"van de Grensstek"

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We & our dogs

We are Henk en Carla Rijkers en we live in Luyksgestel (Noord-Brabant). This is a small town near the border with Lommel (Belgium). Luyksgestel is a part of the town of Bergeijk.
Ever since we were kids, we had dachshunds at home, so we literally grew up with them. Our love for them increased with the years so the decision to start our own kennel with long-coat pygmy Dachshunds was a logical choice.

When we tried to come up with a name for the kennel, we decided to choose the name:
"van de Grensstek".

The meaning of the name is:
Luyksgestel is a small town at the border with Belgium at the border crossing with the town Lommel.
A 'stek' is a new young graft but it also means a small town.
That is why we chose the name "van de Grensstek": a new, young beginning in a small town near the border.

Because of the rural and rustic environment, our kennel "van de Grensstek" provides the ideal circumstances to breed and raise beautiful, social dogs.
We have taken several certificates for our kennel, including the Dutch state certificate "Dogs and Cats Decision" and KK1 (Knowledge of Kynologicy).
Since we care a lot about the physical and mental health of our dogs, we have a very good co-operation with our vet. Our purpose is to breed and raise healthy pups and dogs with gentle, honest characters and a good zest for work.
We strive to breed pups that come from a responsible combination and that will have all of the above mentioned qualities. In short: a happy dog that is ideal to have in your home, will behave good with children but will also perform well in shows and during hunting.

We will attend shows on a regular basis.
We also plan to start hunting training.

We are members of the Dutch Dachshund Association, the Belgian Dachshund Association as well as the German Dachshund Association.

Our dogs all have tested negative for PRA and Cataract.